Learn. Lead. Leverage.


IDEALS / SALT Methodology

Learn, lead, Leverage


IDEALS stresses to each participant to follow the natural progression of: Learn. Lead. Leverage


Be a constant learner. Take full advantage of all the material provided through our Leadership Programs and be actively engaged in group discussions. Optimize your experience.


Each participant was chosen to attend our Leadership Program because he/ she have shown the ability or potential to be a leader on their teams and in their schools. After they have been through our Program, they need to commit to put into action what they’ve learned. Be a leader on your respective teams and with your school peers.


By participating in our Leadership Program you’ve differentiated yourself from the majority of others you’ll be competing with in life. You’ve earned a “competitive advantage”. Just like in sports, you want to Leverage that advantage. By doing so, you allow yourself to become all you can be as a person, leader, role model, spouse, parent, friend, and in your career.