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SALT Frequently Asked Questions


logo-saltIf, after reading the FAQ’s below, you need more information on the SALT Program, please contact Jack Williams for further information.

What is the cost?

There is a nominal licensing fee for use of the program.

Why is the program for juniors not seniors?

We want each team, their coach and school to benefit from a full year of the training of those students participating in the program. By choosing Juniors, they will have completed the training prior to the end of their Junior year and their team and school can benefit from that training during their Senior year. A school can elect to allow some Seniors in the program if they so choose. Some teams may not have many Juniors and the coach can use their discretion as to whom they choose to represent them.

Who Participates?

Schools have the following options:

  1. Standard SALT Model – Representatives from each team are selected to form SALT group and meet weekly or twice a month whichever is appropriate. They then are asked to go back and share/ influence their respective teams.
  2. Coach Led Model -If specific coaches would like to lead their juniors and seniors through the program and personalize it to their sport, they can do so. They determine the frequency of meetings.
  3. Team Model – Specific videos are also available so that entire team can participate in program.

What is the Responsibility of the School?

The school simply has the coaches select representatives from each team to form your SALT group if choosing Standard Model above. The school selects a SALT Coordinator to be the contact point with IDEALS. They should set up meeting room arrangements. IDEALS will provide the school / SALT Coordinator the DVD series, Facilitator Guides and Student Worksheets.

Who should be the SALT Coordinator?

That is up to the school. IDEALS suggests if the AD or one of the Head Coaches don’t have time, ask a young assistant coach who relates well to the students be selected to serve in that role. It could also serve as part of that coach’s professional development program. Some schools select multiple SALT Coordinators to team up.

How long should each session be?

IDEALS has designed the program (video and exercises) to be completed in one hour. Videos range from 16-22 minutes. Additional time is for breakout discussions from questions in video. Each school can elect to go slightly longer if they want to add time for socializing, “ice breaker” activities or other activities.

How frequently should the meetings be held?

IDEALS recommends holding SALT meetings either weekly or every other week. If you space the meetings out any further you don’t get the carryover from previous meetings.

Who do we go to if we have questions about the program or any of the DVDs?

You can contact Jack Williams the Founder and CEO of IDEALS direct. He is available for support on any questions or issues that you would like to discuss. He can be contacted at jackw@idealsleadership.org or 678-682-3306. His contact information is also on the IDEALS SALT brochure.

Can we add other material or activities to the program?

Absolutely. IDEALS has designed the program to provide you the basic curriculum that we’ve proven (done right) will make an impact on your athletes as leaders and role models. IDEALS encourages you to think about other activities that can enhance your individual program and continue meeting after the video series has been completed. IDEALS would also like to hear about these types of enhancements so they can be shared with other participating schools.

Will there be additional videos in the future?

IDEALS will continue to add additional video content they feel appropriate each year and make these additional videos available under the same type of arrangement.

What other costs or functions should the school anticipate in holding their SALT program?

In the fall of 2014 all of the material needed by a school will be found on the redesigned IDEALS/ SALT website. All videos, facilitator guide, student worksheets, handouts etc. will be found in a special school section on website for school to access.

Schools will be asked to make copies of the student worksheets to handout to each student. This allows them to have a way to take organized notes to refer to in the future. IDEALS recommends the school also consider providing a 1⁄2 inch notebook for the students to keep their notes in.