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SALT Testimonials

What others have to say


“As an athletic department we were not seeing the levels of leadership exhibited that we wanted among our student -athletes. SALT has given all of us coaches the opportunity to expose nominated student-athletes to the basic principles of leadership through the 9 lesson plans. Implementation was easy as the program is completely prepared with all handouts and Jack made himself available to us at every step of the process. Our kids and coaches are excited about the mentorship component as we expand SALT on our campus. Our only regret is we didn’t start SALT sooner!”

HS Coach and SALT Leader


“In 39 years of high school education and athletics, this program was perhaps one of the best that I have ever been associated with as far as providing truly meaningful and beneficial leadership training for young student-athletes. Its impact on the lives of our young athletes was truly amazing and has greatly enhanced our athletic leadership throughout the program. The growth in concern for others and the responsibility generated by these athletes has vastly improved our programs and we hope that its exponential development will make us an even better and stronger school as these students spread the message.”

HS Athletic Director and SALT Leader


“Thank you for taking the time to introduce Sonoraville High school to the IDEALS Salt program. The program was first implemented during the spring semester and already has made a big impact on the football program. Athletes who were normally reluctant to speak up have started taking more ownership in leading their teammates by standing and speaking before and after practices. I believe this program along with the lessons it teaches, can greatly impact student athletes to become better people, as well as better teammates. Thank you again!”

Matthew Rigdon, Sonoraville HS AL


“Your SALT program is awesome. We are doing team dynamics this week. Last week on leadership was spot on and I just wanted to shoot you a great big thanks!!”

Jason Hill, Phil Campbell High School


“This is just off the top of my head.  While we certainly have talent, we aren’t overly blessed with dominant studs in hardly any sport.  It hit me that I truly believe we’re seeing the impact of SALT, from kids buying in to coaches being very supportive of the program.  We’ve had talent in years past without these results so you have to consider what is different.  Certainly SALT isn’t the only factor, but it’s definitely had a positive impact.  Kind of neat to see!  After 4 years of listening to coaches complain about a dearth of leadership, I haven’t heard a single comment these last 2 years other than how much more cohesive our kids are.  Not coincidentally, crowds at events beyond football have also grown as kids feel more connected.  Roswell has the best school spirit by far of any school I’ve seen, but it’s gone to a new level this year.  Can’t imagine what it will be like when football doesn’t go winless next year!”

Looking forward to year 3!

Ty Phillips Roswell SALT Coordinator


“We are on Session 4 this week – Team Dynamics.”

“We had to break down the Session 3 into 3 weeks worth b/c it was so much good stuff and the girls were getting so into it. The discussion took much longer than allowed. We also used some of the time to share some of our “I Believe” phrases in a speed sharing exercise like speed dating. It got so deep. I left in tears.”

“Our players – from cheerleaders, track, volleyball, softball, and basketball – are taking it so seriously. I have been so impressed with how much they are putting into it. They ask if it is a “salty” day or if we are going to get “salty” today.”

“I am really enjoying the program.”

Lisa Bates – Sand Rock High School, Alabama


“During my forty years in education as a teacher, coach, and administrator, I would rate the IDEALS and SALT Programs as the most effective models of developing leadership skills in student-athletes that I have ever used or witnessed. I am thankful to Jack Williams for his wisdom and efforts in developing these programs and for his work in making them available to so many youth in our city and state.

Please let me know if I can provide further information. Thank you so much for your consideration in giving support to Jack Williams and the leadership programs he has provided for us.”

Dexter Wood, Athletic Director, Buford High School


“I am writing this letter to thank you for giving us an opportunity to have the SALT program at Dyer County High School. We have about 40 kids involved in the program and the response has been wonderful. We have talked to several parents who wanted to thank us for the program. One parent in particular said that the day of our SALT meetings is the only day his son jumps out of bed and gets ready for school. This is impressive because our meetings are at 7:00 am on Fridays and regular school starting time is 8:00 am. The kids have enjoyed watching the DVD sessions and have taken diligent notes. We are seeing great results, and I just wanted to thank you again for this opportunity.”

Lynn Garner, Assistant Principal / AD


“Hope your family is doing well and your holiday season isn’t TOO stressful! Just wanted to let you know that our SALT program went to feed the homeless this morning and our kids put together 246 care packages. In addition to those one of our student’s grandfather donated 400 amenity packages. The students collected all the items and all the leaders did was help put them together. It has been an incredible year with students who are eager to impact our school and community.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all your dedication and work in the IDEALS and SALT program. It has truly changed my life and has impacted so many others. These kids are becoming better people in and off the field.”

Addy Lippett, Peachtree Ridge SALT Team