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Jack has been speaking to Business groups and Schools for twenty years. His background as an athlete, college football coach, successful businessman and founder of the IDEALS Foundation provides a broad level of experiences to share with his audiences. He’s spoken to corporate national meetings of 2,500 down to individual athletic teams and everything in between.

Jack is the creator of the Apollo XIII Principles for Performance program that he presents to businesses and has also adapted a student version of this powerful program. It’s based on the compelling story of the Apollo XIII Mission. Some of the areas covered in this proprietary program are: leadership, accountability, execution, overcoming adversity, communication, focus, problem solving, working under pressure, facing reality, decision making, trust and teamwork.

Some other topics Jack speaks on:

  • Creating your Personal “I Believe “list
  • Understanding your “Definition of Success”
  • Being a Coach in Business Today
  • Moe Games are Lost than Won
  • So You Want to be a Leader
  • Understanding This Thing Called Team Dynamics

For more information on getting Jack to speak to your group, contact him at: 678-682-3306 or jackw@idealsleadership.org

Apollo 13 – Client Participant Quotes

The most unique approach I’ve ever seen or been involved in for leadership and team building.

Unique and very engaging training program.

My “10” score on the evaluation says it all.

I have been through many management training programs. This was one of the most unique ones I have ever participated in.

I plan to use the information in my day to day interactions both at work and at home.

This was one of the most valued “take home and use” lessons in leadership I’ve ever attended. Highly recommend to others.

Made me think. Definitely motivates me to want to go back to my folks and put it into action.

The program did an outstanding job of teaching us and structuring leadership training in a fun and entertaining way.

Extremely positive, realistic and to the point. Brought the problems and solving them and their issues to the human level.

Very informative. Lots of new ideas. Fresh, new approach.

Very organized. Everything tied together extremely well.

Great training program. Good content and entertaining.

I’m a visual person and the movie will stay with me always.

Very enjoyable and thought provoking.

The format of watching the movie and interactively making notes pertaining to the Mission Control sections was a great exercise and very challenging.

I believe the program is an innovative approach to all phases of management.

Excellent program of teamwork in action.

Very informative – Great group interactions.

Interesting – like nothing I have ever experienced. The implementation of the movie was groundbreaking.

Excellent experience to improve leadership communication.

Great program. No matter what you think you already know, you will leave with much more.